“Crazy Crab, Twice Told Tales and Wild Rabbit Café”

 (or, my trip down Middle Peninsula Virginia and the Chesapeake)

Thursday, June 15, 2001.  The heat wave on the east coast finally let up just in time for my trip.  For most of the week it was a very comfortable high 70’s low 80’s with a nice DRY, cool breeze from the south.  The gap between my scheduled appointments gave me time to take the day to drive down the middle peninsula of Virginia and out to the Chesapeake.  This part of Virginia was home to the powerful confederation of indian tribes known as the Powhaton, although they were nearly wiped out by the English.  The peninsula also claims the birthplace of George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

After my ritual morning stop at the local Starbucks, I headed south down I-95 from DC to Fredericksburg and then turned out into the country toward the Chesapeake, headed for my first stop of Heathsville and the studio of furniture maker, Andrew Pitts.  http://www.andrewpittsfurnituremaker.com/ Aside from being a talented maker, he is also an old Navy guy, same year group as me.  Visited with Andrew and his wife Kathy, who graciously prepared lunch, for about 2 hours before heading on out to Reedville on the Bay.  Small as Reedville is, its history has included one of the largest Menhaden (a herring like fish) fishing fleets.

After a stop at the Reedville maritime museum and taking a few photos of one of the few remaining Skipjack sailboats, I decided to extend my break from driving a little longer with a stop at the Crazy Crab Restaurant.  http://www.reedvillemarina.com/ Glad I did, too.  They have some great bread pudding.  Stop in if you are heading out that way.  Great food and view out over the water.

By then it was late enough in the afternoon that I decided I needed to move on.  Although I didn’t have much time to make any more stops, I did drive through the town of Gloucester, VA.  Interesting town; shop names like “Twice Told Tales” book store and the “Wild Rabbit Café” made me feel like I was in an Agatha Christie mystery or Harry Potter novel.

It turned to be a great day to explore some waterfront and collect a few pictures. Maybe some will wind up as references for future work.  Any thoughts?  Let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to “Crazy Crab, Twice Told Tales and Wild Rabbit Café”

  1. Andy Pitts says:

    Nice writeup, Ralph. Sounds like a great place to live 😉

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