These days it is very easy to buy pieces sold as art that most folks cannot distinguish from original handcrafted art.  You can buy christmas figurines in many stores, that even under the scrutiny of touch and feel, “appear to be equal” to original art.  Photographs can be electronically adjusted and printed on “canvas.”  So then, why should anyone spend the extra money to acquire handcrafted original art?  Or, for that matter, fine furniture?

In one of my first posts on this blog, I wrote about artisans that used their hands and the book of that subject.  I posted these quotes from that book.  “They talk of living in their hands and needing to get their hands dirty, cold, or wet.  For them, the materials they use are alive and responsive; their hands teach them things they didn’t know and connect them to different times, places, and people.”– “People are losing the ability to make things for themselves… We’re missing out on that incredible creative process that engages the mind and translates to hands.”

I cited this as my personal reason for making art.  But, as it turns out, is also a very important reason to buy  handcrafted originals.

When an artist, artisan or craftsman creates a painting or object with his own hands, there is at that moment a direct and immediate connection between the touch of the object to his hands and this mind and heart.  At the moment of creation, all that is that artist, all that is his environment, his passions and even the music he is listening to, is reflected in that piece. For this reason, each piece, though it may be similar to another, is unique unto its own.

It is my hope that when you pick up a piece of original art that you begin to feel some sense of the artist at the time this piece was created.  If you take home one of my carvings, I hope you will pick it up often, feel it in your hands – the facets, the texture, the weight – and each time that you discover something new about your feelings for that piece.  This carving has been named “Spencer.”  You can find him for sale at “Crazy Lady on 4th Street” gallery in Bremerton.


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