HISTORY-Lest we are doomed to repeat it

Today I sent the following letter to the White House and the President

Dear Mr. President,

Today I found myself in a place that caused me to reflect on history in a way I had never known. Much to my surprise, it was a very emotional place for me. I was reminded of a time when Americans were still reeling from economic devastation-I was reminded how weary of war they were and how much they were clinging to isolationism. I was reminded of why and how we finally joined the fight-reminded that the Congress and the President did not engage the enemy until we were directly attacked by the Japanese and a madman had engulfed Europe.

Taking a line from the film, “Beyond all Boundaries”–How far do we have to go, what line do we have to cross to stop this evil? I do not know, but, Mr. President, it is time to take care of business. Mr. President, please do not allow our grandchildren and great grandchildren become the next “Greatest Generation.”

Ralph Duncan Lcdr, USN (ret)

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2 Responses to HISTORY-Lest we are doomed to repeat it

  1. Jim Bloomer says:

    Good stuff my friend. I hope he listens.

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