About Me

I have had many lives in the last three or four decades that have included naval officer, private pilot, engineer and designer, deep sea diver, and sailor. In fact, my life on the water began when I learned to sail in Japan at the age of 7. Truly, being at sea and sailing possess a special draw for me.
Byzantine Historion, George Pachymeres wrote:

“Sailing is a noble thing, useful beyond all others to mankind. It exports what is superfluous, it provides what is lacking, it makes the impossible possible, it joins together men from different lands, and makes every inhospitable island a part of the mainland, it brings fresh knowledge to those who sail, it refines manners, it brings concord and civilization to men, it consolidates their nature by bringing together all that is most human in them.”

-Ralph Duncan – Orionskye


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Will you be here? Are you interested in taking a class, or teaching one? Jan

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