Sometimes you have go backward, to move forward.

I have had feeling for a long time that I needed to work on some fundamental art skill if I was going to be able move forward as an artist.  So, I began at the beginning of classical art training. One of the first things a student engaged in a classical art training program is tasked with is copying what is known as Bargue drawings. The originals were assembled by Charles Bargue in the 1800s and constitute a progression in skill development for an art student..  There are about 197 of the mostly human figure drawings, with the first ones being less complicated and the latter ones requiring a more sophisticated set of skills. In the 1800s, art students would spend a year or more copying and drawing from these masters.  I doubt these days that anyone even draws half of them.

Here is my first completed Bargue.

Bargue 1 complete

Happy enough with it, but, still improvements to be made.  Stay tuned to see where this goes.


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